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Featured Products

25w dummy load
Rotary Attenuator
50W dummy load, 3G, 4.3-10 male connectorDL-50M43-G3
Directional Indoor-building Panel Antenna, 8dBi, 698-960 - 1710-2700MHz
698-960 & 1710-2700MHz 4db Outdoor Broadband Omni Antenna
Indoor Omni-directional Ceiling Antenna, 3dB, 824-9601710-2500
698-2700MHz 2 in 2 out DIN 716 Female 3dB Hybrid Coupler
2-Way 4.3-10 Power Splitter ,Square Cavity Type

About Us

Xiamen Annew Technology Co., Ltd devotes to RF Microwave Components and Antennas. Annew Tech is all along specializing in design, manufacture and supply of RF Passive Components and External&Internal Antennas. Main Products: Panel Antenna, Ceiling Antenna, Omni Antenna, Yagi Antenna, RF Load Terminal, RF Attenuator, Power Splitter, Hybrid Coupler, Direction Coupler, RF Combiner, RF Duplexer and other Antenna system materials. Annew-Tech’s company philosophy: Quality comes from professional, value comes from belief. We’re always in pursuit of High-quality. Always dedicate to providing high-quality products and good experience of service.